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MoviTrack Overland & Incoming
Definitive confirmation from our services and prices, will be sent when payment is completed.
Prices and Reservations will be subject to modifications without previous notice when changes or alterations in third party services are procduced, such as currency exchange rates.
If payment is not completed with at least one day previous to departure date, reservation will be automatically cancelled for which seats will be available again.
Payment will be completed through our website or bank transfer, in this last case by sending to transaction number, date, main passenger name and hired services.

Prices Include:
All of our tours include VAT, guided services, transportation and meals according to tour's description.

Prices Do Not Include:
Hotel, additional meals not specified in our descriptions, fees produced by cancellations or delays in departures or arrival due to third party situations. Credi Card fees or interests produced by payment. Any other fees that passengers had by not keeping these terms and conditions, which will lead to no refund.

For Movitrack provided services, these following refund conditions will apply for cancellations:

These conditions are valid and will be applied with no exception, despite the main reason for the same, such as air, land or route strikes, popular riot or any other reasons out of the agencie's resposanbility.

If third party services were hired, the same cancellation fees will apply (Decret 2181/72, Art.21).
In cases of refunds, Movitrack Overland & Incoming will be able to retain the costs for expenditures caused by third party.
Once our services has started, the suspention; modification or interruption of such, caused by the passenger due to personal matters, will not be reason to refunds.

These will be issued by the agency that sold the services once the trip is completed. There will be no refunds for non-taken services. Complaints must be issued within 30 days after the trip is done, with services vouchers and receipts.

Alterations o Modifications:
MoviTrack Overland & Incoming claims the right to alterate or modify total or parcially the schedules or services that are part of the tour, before or during the service, due to technical reasons. In case hotels are hired, these can be changed by other of the same or greater category, within the same distance core, with no additional charge for the passengers. In such case, passengers will not have right to refunds.

We also claim the right to substitute or change the vehicule due to technical or third party reasons.

MoviTrack Overland & Incoming will not be held responsible for any situations that are produced due to third party facts, such as weather phenomenons, or situations that are produced before or during the development of the service, or that delay the time of such, or that are cause for the obstruction of the service.
We also decline all sort of resposability due to damages, lost or robbery that people or their belongins may suffer, due to third party. It is responsability of the passenger to hold in his power all the necesary personal identification (passport), before and during the service.