Tour Safari Nubes y Humahuaca

The "Safari Clouds with Humahuaca" combines the route of the "Safari to the Clouds" in Movitrack vehicle with the classic route of the "Quebrada de Humahuaca" to minibus Tastil in a single 2-day trip. Staying at one of the villages of the Gorge, not only avoid passing by twice on the same stretch of road (Salta-Purmamarca), but also take advantage of the time, not to have to get up early the 2nd day, and start the day much more relaxed. The attraction of the "Safari to the Clouds" on the first day are included in the second, another spectacular points of Northwest Argentina: The Humahuaca's Gorge, declared by the UN as a World Heritage Site, delights us with its bright colors rock formations and a vast product mix of minerals and natural agents. Each of their people: Purmamarca, Maimara, Tilcara with its Pre-Columbian Indian Ruins, Humahuaca and Uquia, reflect and transmit the idiosyncrasies of the northern, quiet, warm, like time. In the afternoon we return to Salta. (Hotel Not included)

  • DaysWednesday y Friday , Sunday
  • DepartureOf. Movitrack
  • Arrival1 Dia Purma | 2 Dia Salta
  • Dep Time06.20
  • Arr Time1 Dia 17.30 | 2 Dia 19.30
  • IncludesDesayuno, Almuerzo, Snacks y Bebidas.(Solo 1er Dia)

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